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No. Title Author Edition Price Select
1 RIGHT to INFORMATION Act 2005 - A Practical Guide V.K.Pamecha 3rd edition, 2013 Rs.145
2 The Cyber Crimes & the Cyber Law - Be Aware and Beware of! V.K.Pamecha 2nd edition, 2012 Rs.130
3 Income Tax Scrutiny and Assessment Procedure and Maintenance of Books of Account, Documents & Records V.K.Pamecha 5th edition, 2017 Rs.320
4 How to Get Your TRADE MARKS & Service Marks Registered in India V.K.Pamecha (F.C.A.) 7th edition, 2013-14 Rs.80
5 How to File a Complaint Before Consumer Forum (Do it Yourself Guide) V.K.Pamecha (F.C.A.) 4th edition, 2009-10 Rs.95
6 Getting Help of Ombudsman (Lokpal) - Banking Ombudsman, Insurance Ombudsman & SEBI Ombudsman V.K.Pamecha (F.C.A.) 2014 Rs.120
7 How to Obtain AGMARK on Agricultural Products/Produce V.K.Pamecha (F.C.A.) 3rd edition, 2013 Rs.110
8 How to Start, Promote and Manage an NGO V.K.Pamecha (F.C.A.) Latest reprint Rs.195
9 Company Directors' Compliance Manual - Directors' Position & Powers, Responsibilities & Duties, Liabilities and Risks V.K.Pamecha (F.C.A.) 3rd edition, 2011 Rs.80
10 Tax Planning for Agricultural Income and Gains on Agriculture Land (With a Brief on Contract Farming) V.K.Pamecha (F.C.A.) 5th edition, 2013 Rs.80
11 Upbhokta Forum mein Shikayat Kaise Darj Karen (HINDI edition of 'How to File a Complaint Before Consumer Forum') V.K.Pamecha (FCA) Latest Rs.70
12 Industrial Policy, Licences & Approvals in India - Practice & Procedures V.K.Pamecha (F.C.A.) 3rd edition, 2014 Rs.110
13 Financial Frauds & Accounting Gimmicks - How to Detect & Investigate V.K.Pamecha (F.C.A.) Reprint, 2015 Rs.160
14 Professional Opportunities and Scope of Services for Chartered Accountants (Book+CD) V.K.Pamecha (FCA) 2nd edition, 2012 Rs.340
15 Income Tax & Fringe Benefits Tax - Appeals, Revisions & Applications for Rectifications (When & How to File) V.K.Pamecha (F.C.A.) 3rd edition, 2011 Rs.95
16 LIFE INSURANCE - Assess How Much Do You Need & Choose the Best V.K.Pamecha (FCA) 2nd edition, 2013-14 Rs.35
17 Tax Planning for the PROFESSIONALS (Along With Service Tax Accounting) V.K.Pamecha & Rakesh Nahar 2nd edition, 2013 Rs.135
18 Presumptive Taxation Provisions of Income Tax Act - How to Obtain Maximum Advantage (with Solutions on Practical Problems and FBT) V.K.Pamecha (F.C.A.) 2nd edition, 2011 Rs.50
19 How to Obtain Venture Capital Finance V.K.Pamecha (F.C.A.) 2014 Rs.55
20 DISHONOUR of Cheques - Legal Aspects and Action (For Insufficiency of Funds) V.K.Pamecha (F.C.A.) Latest Rs.90
21 All About CHARITABLE TRUSTS - Formation, Registration, Management & Taxation (Book + CD) V.K.Pamecha & Rakesh Nahar 6th edition, 2013-14 Rs.150
22 PARTNERSHIP Firm - Formation, Registration, Taxation, Dissolution V.K.Pamecha (FCA) 7th edition 2014 Rs.110
23 Formation & Registration of Societies, Associations and Clubs V.K.Pamecha & Rakesh Nahar 6th edition, 2016 Rs.120
24 How to Make WILLS & The Law of Inheritance Alongwith Tax Planning through Wills & Documenting Assets & Properties V.K.Pamecha (F.C.A.) 2017 Rs.100
25 Tax Planning Through Creation of New HUF Files (IN HINDI) V.K.Pamecha (F.C.A.) Latest reprint Rs.100
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